Marcyn Capricho is a leading brand in the teenage lingerie segment. The insight of the campaign was to use ordinary girls, brand fans, showing how they actually wear the product: Showing the Strap. We suggested new styles on the website, on the press media campaign, on social media, and on internet films; we also promoted polls and shows, and the teenagers started to copy the new look which became viral on the internet and in the streets. Future models will be chosen among consumers of a major fashion retail chain, showing the strength and scope of the campaign. The main point in the campaign was not to sell a product, but to suggest a new behaviour that should be adopted by the girls.

Mercadão Campolim is a gourmet supermarket which started its operations in September of 2009, without an advertising budget. To make the situation even more critical, it started operating with less than half of its stores open. Our agency came up with the idea of shooting a film of each of the operating shops, with the owners telling the public which products could be found there exclusively. These videos were fully produced by the agency, sent out through Twitter and placed on the site. Store owners could then send them out to their contacts. This resulted in a significantly larger public visiting the market regularly and also a friendly attitude towards the shop owners.

An alternative solution we found was a partnership with an NGO that sponsors paintings to help children in need ("Pintura Solidária"). We provided all the wooden partitions used to seal the inoperative shops, which now display paintings with gourmet themes. Besides generating lots of spontaneous media and bring a more bustling atmosphere to the market, we have also helped this NGO promote their work and sell more paintings. These paintings made on the partitions ended up becoming one of the themes of the market's campaign.

RGJ is a new import and export company. The idea consists of showing its efficiency before it begins operating. We developed a website where you can select various segments and customise the product. Next, you can ship the product with no delay and get it in your e-mail – suggesting a lean and efficient enterprise. The secret to it is importing and exporting whatever you wish – you just need to click on "other" and order anything from anywhere; all you need to do is ship the product, and it will get to you – it works like this online, and it will be so in real life.

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Cerveja Rio Claro is an independent beer brand which belongs to Carrefour – the second largest retail chain of supermarkets in Brazil. It is a popular beer, without a significant budget for advertising. Our agency took advantage of the World Cup event and, on the first match with Brazil, promoted a relaunch party for the beer. The event was shot and aired live, which generated lots of spontaneous media and brand awareness.

Vetnil is a laboratory that produces medication and food supplements for athlete horses. The products are natural and do not characterise doping, however, when applied in conjunction with the ideal food, they greatly improve the animal's performance. Tests conducted at the Sorocaba Jockey Club proved it. Later, we created this banner at the Jockey Club website, showing that the animals that use Vetnil products break their own records and manage to break barriers which would once seem impossible to break.